Technical features
  • Patented profile structure 42×35 mm in high-strength steel
  • Size: width 80/85/90/120/160 cm; length 190 cm
  • Multi-layered beech wood slats of 68 mm attached in polyethylene struts
  • 13 elastic steambend slats of 68×8 mm for the 80/85/90 cm variations
  • 13 slats of 68×9 mm for the 120 cm variation with a central strengthen cross-piece
  • 13 slats of 68X8 mm for the 160 variation with a double central strengthen cross-piece
  • Screw on round feet Ø 40 mm provided with anti-squeal system (bed frame height 35 cm) included in the packaging
  • Non-toxic epoxy paint finish at 200°C
  • Colours available: matt black
  • Oversize measures not available

Product Photogallery

Our Products

Bed Bases

Our slatted bed bases can be made of wood or metal; they can be orthopaedic, either fixed, manually adjustable or motorised.
The products are made with high mechanical resistance metals, epoxy based and non-toxic paint, first class steam bent beech wood slats which can ensure either firmness or flexibility according to customer’s needs. The bed bases have also got slat supports made of S.E.B.S which adapts perfectly to different builds.

Comfort Line

This new line designs adjustable beds for hospitals; convalescent people at home; nursing or care homes and rehab centres. These new products are based on years of experience combined with high technology and the best materials which adapt to every single client’s needs.

Mechanisms And Accessories

Bed lift mechanism for bedframe and storage beds, with single or double lift which can beopen from the side of the bed, or the front of the bed. Several accessories available, from electrical systems to headboard and pillows, etc.