The best rest solutions

For a long time De Marco company has endeavoured to satisfy the relaxation and rest needs of their customers utilising their artisanal skills. We offer to our clients two main categories of products: fixed and articulate.
All our products are 100% made in Italy.

Bed Bases

Comfort Line

Mechanisms And Accessories

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We make wood slats bed frames; metal iron slat bed frames; orthopaedic; fixed; movable and hospital bed frames. Our production is of a high quality and years of experience hence our products are made with first class materials . Each product is the result of much research, specific testing and high tech fabrication. This guarantees maximum comfort and durability.


We are specialised in custom-made products in order to satisfy each prospective client’s needs. We focus on every detail from the first decision in the design to the finishing touches made by local expert artisans and upholsterers. We also cater for bespoke needs; no order too small.


De Marco estate is environmentally friendly therefore the usage of each single product is sustainable and respects the environment and the people living in it.
Our production utilises natural resources and advanced products which reduce to the minimum the risk of pollution.