The Estate

De Marco estate for over 20 years has been producing slat bed frames in order to satisfy the relaxation and rest needs of their customers. We offer to our clients a wide range of bed frames with wood slats, iron slats, orthopaedic models available in 4 versions: fixed, manual, adjustable and fully electric.

We utilise the best materials on the market and we aim to make the best innovative products by using high technology and being environmentally friendly.

Our products are artisanal therefore all of them can be custom made and personally designed.

Among our clients we list:

By launching the new MEDICAL CONMFORT LINE, De Marco has widened its product range and has also registered them on the Health Ministry record as Class I Medical Devices complying with the (essential requirements of) European Directive 1993/42/CE.

The wooden and steel medical device designs comply with health and safety systems required by the European Union’s regulations and are always in line with the technological progress requested by the market.

Our Products

Bed Bases

Our slatted bed bases can be made of wood or metal; they can be orthopaedic, either fixed, manually adjustable or motorised.
The products are made with high mechanical resistance metals, epoxy based and non-toxic paint, first class steam bent beech wood slats which can ensure either firmness or flexibility according to customer’s needs. The bed bases have also got slat supports made of S.E.B.S which adapts perfectly to different builds.

Comfort Line

This new line designs adjustable beds for hospitals; convalescent people at home; nursing or care homes and rehab centres. These new products are based on years of experience combined with high technology and the best materials which adapt to every single client’s needs.

Mechanisms And Accessories

Bed lift mechanism for bedframe and storage beds, with single or double lift which can beopen from the side of the bed, or the front of the bed. Several accessories available, from electrical systems to headboard and pillows, etc.


De Marco estate is environmentally friendly therefore the usage of each single product is sustainable and respects the environment and the people living in it.
Our production utilises natural resources and advanced products which reduce to the minimum the risk of pollution.