Can the performance of the slats affect the functionality of the mattress?

Yes, slats are fundamental for the correct functionality of the mattress. Inadequate slats compromise highly the performance of the mattress.

What are the main features of good quality slat bed frames?

Good quality slats must have flexibility and they need to allow the mattress ventilation. In terms of dimension, slats need to be as big as the mattress or bigger than it but never smaller.

Do double or king size beds need a specific kind of slat?

King size or double bed slats do not need the central metal struts lifted up.

Do latex, memory foam or polyurethane mattresses need a specific slats bed frame?

The best slats for the above mattresses are wooden ones, well ventilated and with a maximum width of 4 cm.

Slats with suspensions or without?

In wooden slats market you can find two big categories:

–          Wooden slats with suspensions attached at each extremity whose oscillation sustain both our body and the mattress movements.

–          Wooden slats without suspensions do not have any oscillation therefore their flexibility is due to the fact that they are steam bent beech wooden slats.

Slat bedframe movable or fixed?

There are wooden slat bedframes movable and fixed: the movable ones are very comfortable, for instance if you wish to read a book or to watch TV, the reclinable position will help you to lift yourself from the bed easily. This is obviously a feature highly appreciated among those of us who are less youthful.

The movable slats are divided in 2 subcategories:

–          Manual reclinable wooden slats;

–          Electric reclinable wooden slats provided with a control.

Are the double or king size bed slats independent from each other?

Yes, both manual and electrical reclinable wooden slats are independent in the movements.

When is it not advisable to buy  reclinable wooden slats?

If you already have a spring mattress, the reclining of wooden slats may damage the mattress panels.

Why is it advisable to choose motorised wooden slats?

Motorised beech wooden slats have got an electric device with a low tension double electric motor which allows the regulation of both headboard and footboard. The double motor is quiet therefore even in the middle of the night headboard or footboard can be regulated without disturbing anyone. Double wooden slats accompanied by some rigidity cursors allow total comfort for the  lumbosacral area.

Also motorised wooden slats automatically adjust to specific weight input of users.

In the double and king size beds, motorised wooden slats guarantee either independent movement of each side or simultaneous movement by a specific cable.

In order to rest properly, which distance from the floor should  the slat bedframe have?

The ideal distance from the floor should be 60-65-70 cm .A slat bedframe is usually 5-7 cm high. Its legs are usually 30 cm high. Upon request we can custom make different heights.

For people whose size and height is not typical, what wooden slat models would you recommend?

We highly recommend a personalised model from the PLUS or the SANIFLEX line either in a mobile or in a fixed version, and in addition central legs or intermediate bars to reinforce the frame.

Is it possible to adjust the position of the legs for aesthetic purposes?

Yes, the legs can be moved from the external side to the internal part of the frame so they will not be seen.

Our Products

Bed Bases

Our slatted bed bases can be made of wood or metal; they can be orthopaedic, either fixed, manually adjustable or motorised.
The products are made with high mechanical resistance metals, epoxy based and non-toxic paint, first class steam bent beech wood slats which can ensure either firmness or flexibility according to customer’s needs. The bed bases have also got slat supports made of S.E.B.S which adapts perfectly to different builds.

Comfort Line

This new line designs adjustable beds for hospitals; convalescent people at home; nursing or care homes and rehab centres. These new products are based on years of experience combined with high technology and the best materials which adapt to every single client’s needs.

Mechanisms And Accessories

Bed lift mechanism for bedframe and storage beds, with single or double lift which can beopen from the side of the bed, or the front of the bed. Several accessories available, from electrical systems to headboard and pillows, etc.


De Marco estate is environmentally friendly therefore the usage of each single product is sustainable and respects the environment and the people living in it.
Our production utilises natural resources and advanced products which reduce to the minimum the risk of pollution.